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Curved Stairlift Solutions

When you have a curve in your stairway, a mid-way landing or a spiral staircase your only option is a curved stairlift. They cost more than a straight stairlift because the rails have to be custom manufactured to suit your home. There are hundreds of permutations for a curved stairlift rail and a detailed survey must be done to get the designed rail to fit correctly. Just as with straight stairlifts they are battery powered so they can even be used in the event of a power cut. The batteries are always charged ready for use as when the stairlift is parked they are constantly charging.

Curved stairlifts come with the usual options as well as some additional options too:

In addition to the above all new and used stairlifts are protected by a fully comprehensive 12 month warranty which can also be extended if required.

Platinum Stairlift

 From £3,750.00

For your comfort the Platinum Curve incorporates a smooth motor system. The twin rail mechanical levelling system gives gentler and steadier travel. In addition, the seat incorporates plump padding and cushioning. Ideal for those that need that extra comfort.

Curved stairlifts South Wales

Brooks 80 Stairlift

From £3,300.00

The Brooks 80 stairlift, manufactured by Acorn is a leap forward in reliability. Often the rail of a stairlift can be considered intrusive but the continuous, slim and attractively finished low profile rail makes this lift more appealing.

Curved Stairlifts Cardiff

Flow 2 Stairlift

 From £4,995.00

By using its patented power swivel system, the Flow curved stairlift can tackle staircases as narrow as 61cm (24 inches) wide, swivelling the footrest as it goes - the rail also sits closely to the stairs, making Flow the most adaptable stairlift in the world – no other stairlift can boast this.

Curved Stair Lifts Swansea

Reconditioned Curved

 From £2,900.00

A cost effective solution to a new curved stairlift is a reconditioned model. In most cases the rail is newly manufactured and just the carriage is fully reconditioned. These are also covered by a fully comprehensive 12 month warranty to give you complete piece of mind when buying.

Curved Stairlifts Bristol


The Flow 2 is a curved stairlift. These stairlifts are designed for use on a staircase which turns a corner, is spiral in design or has a landing between two straight flights of stairs.

The track is mounted on stanchions which are fixed to the stairs. Every track is built to order following a survey of the staircase. Our team of designers calculate the optimum track to accommodate the staircase whilst maximising the clear space on the stairs.

The track can be placed on either side of the staircase. The Flow 2 system offers the tightest internal bend on the market which means that in many cases this system will fit into hallways that other stairlifts cannot accomodate.

Generally the track will have two charging points, top and bottom, however some tracks may require intermediate charge points too. When the stairlift is not being used it should be left on one of these points. These points are generally located at the position where the stairlift stops. If circumstances dictate, an alternative parking point is used. The park position is easily located by using the park button on the remote control. Parking on the charge point keeps the battery topped up so your stairlift will continue to work in the event of a power failure.

Slimline design is a concept that extends to the Stairlift itself, the stairlift can be folded up meaning minimum storage space is needed when the stairlift is not in use. The addition of a powered footplate makes folding the unit up even easier for users who may have trouble bending. You can choose to fold the footplate by flicking a switch located under the arm of the stairlift or when folding the seat up and down.

When it comes to using the Flow 2 it is very straight forward. The stairlift is protected by a key switch, once switched on the toggle control is simple held in the direction of travel.

On arrival at the top of the stairs the seat is turned to face the landing so that you can get on and off your stairlift with ease. If preferred you have the option to add a powered swivel to make turning the seat even easier.

The operating control can be placed on either arm.

The Flow 2 curved stairlift is quality through and through. This stairlift has it all.

Flow 2 Curved Stairlift


Probably the best curved stairlift on the market.

Exceptional quality, slim and pleasing on the eye

Modern, reliable and quiet, curved stairlifts from all the major manufacturers brought to you at incredibly low prices

Curved Stairlifts