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Stairlift Repairs and Servicing

At PC Mobility Services, you have access to probably the UK's largest mobility electronics repair specialist. We are happy to repair and service your stairlift equipment whether you purchased the stairlift from us or not. Our experienced team of engineers are able to repair most makes and models of stairlift with confidence because of our many years experience in the electronics service industry. You will be in safe hands and all our repair work is guaranteed.

As part of the stairlift service the stairlift is fully checked for functionality, safety and operation to the manufacturer's specification. During the safety check we test the safety edges, safety switches and seat belt.

Besides checking that all fixings are secure and key locations are lubricated, we also check the condition of the batteries, the condition of the motor brushes, the current the stairlift is taking whilst travelling and the charge circuit current. The remotes and any other extra equipment such as a powered swivel or powered hinge is also check for operation and safety.

If there are any problems detected during a service we can undertake any repairs necessary. Please note: We will only undertake any extra work once we have discussed the problem with you and had your consent to go-ahead with the work.

Stairlift Circuit Board Repair

As we are experienced in electronic board level repairs, we can repair stairlift circuit boards to component level. These control boards are the "brain" of the stairlift and can be very expensive. Because we can often repair these boards as opposed to fitting new this can save hundreds of pounds off the price of a new board. We offer this circuit board repair service to the general public but also other stairlift dealers around the UK.

Stairlift Maintenance Contracts

Stairlifts ideally need to be serviced once a year to maintain their reliability and safety. This is a recommendation by the stairlift manufacturers. For some outdoor stairlifts it is recommended they are serviced twice a year because of being exposed to the elements.

We offer annual maintenance contracts, annual services only and “pay as you go” repairs, depending on what you prefer. For curved stairlifts out of warranty it can be more cost effective to purchase a breakdown policy through a reputable insurance company. We will never try to sell you extended warrantees unless this is something you request.

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