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Used Stairlifts/Reconditioned Stairlifts from £995.00

Key Features:

Used / Reconditioned Stairlifts

Used Stairlifts

Purchasing a second hand stairlift is a great alternative to buying a new one. There are three very good reasons for taking this option.

Firstly, used stairlifts are a lot cheaper to buy than new so for those on a tight budget they are an excellent choice. Secondly and more importantly, buying a used stairlift can make sense for another major reason; that being there is very little wear and tear on a used stairlift. Unlike cars that go over pot holes in the road, mount kerbs and are driven hard by some drivers, none of this happens with a stairlift. They just simply glide up and down a rail on the stairs. There are few moving parts to wear and the electronics is reliable so there is very little to go wrong. Finally, even though you are buying a reconditioned stairlift, you still have the same peace of mind as buying a new stair lift. This is because the stairlift will have a 12 month warranty (3 months on the supply only option) and this includes parts and labour so if anything goes wrong you are covered. As we often point out to customers, if your used stairlift works fine for 12 months then the stairlift is obviously fine but in the unlikely event of something going wrong then it would be covered under our comprehensive warranty. For these reasons you will get the same peace of mind and reassurance buying a used stairlift as you would with a new stairlift.

We supply and install both straight and curved reconditioned stairlifts from the major manufacturers. Using only well know quality brands the parts are readily available and the product is reliable. Call us today and we will be happy to quote you, no obligation, on a reconditioned stairlift.

12 months comprehensive warranty

Prices include fitting

Prices include

free survey

Fully serviced before installation

You could save hundreds of pounds by choosing a reconditioned or rental stairlift

Used stairlifts | Reconditioned stairlifts | Second hand stairlifts

Supply Only Reconditioned Stairlifts from £495.00 **

Key Features:

Supply Only Reconditioned Stairlifts

3 months warranty

Please note: collection only on this offer

Price includes free support over the phone

Fully serviced before supply

** We also offer a "supply only" option. This is the equivalent of buying a used stairlift from Ebay but with full support from an experienced dealer to ensure you have the correct stairlift for your home. The used stairlift comes with a comprehensive 3 month warrantee which covers all problems (excluding user error). We provide an installation manual and we will cut the rail to the required length for you. The stairlift must be installed by a competent electrical/mechanical engineer.


Please note: we do not recommend this option be undertaken by anyone without the relevant experience in the industry and we also strongly recommend the user is assessed for suitability to use a stairlift. This option is offered by some of our competitors and also Ebay sellers so it is solely given as an option not a recommendation. We give more information on this matter in the paragraphs below.

Here are some very good reasons why you should buy your reconditioned stairlift from a reputable company

1. The used stairlift would have been serviced and refurbished before being sold

2. The used stairlift will come with a 12 month comprehensive warranty

3. The stairway will be surveyed for the correct type of stairlift

4. The user will be assessed so that a suitable stairlift is chosen for comfort, posture and safety

5. The company will have proper insurance cover in place and it's employees will have been DBS checked

6. The company should be financially stable

Equally important is having the stairlift correctly installed. Buying the stairlift online and then fitting it yourself can be tricky for the following reasons:

1. The stairlift rail length is critical

2. If the rail is too short then the stairlift will not reach the top step and the user would have to get off the stairlift on the stairs rather than safely on the top landing. This can be very dangerous. The rail has to be the exact length so the footplate is level with the top landing.

3. If the rail is too long it will potentially cause a tripping hazard at the top of the stairs.

4. The rail needs to fit through a door or window and to be placed onto the stairs. If there is an access issue then a joining kit is required

5. The stairlift carriage has to be levelled on the rail

6. If the stairlift causes a partial obstruction to a doorway then the charging strips need moving further up the rail to stop the obstruction.

7. If the rail obstructs the door a hinge is required

8. The power supply needs wiring into the rail

9. Stairlifts are handed and in many cases a left hand stairlift can't be fitted to the right hand side of the stairs

There are many other technical reasons that a used stairlift can not just be fitted to just any staircase. We have just given you some food for thought here as to why buying a stairlift off Gumtree or Ebay and fitting it yourself is not always a good idea.

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Reconditioned stairlifts from £495.00