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Gadget Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Gadget Gift Ideas for the Elderly

When it comes to buying for children, there is
no shortage of ideas out there. All you have to do is look in one of the many catalogues
and you will find something for any age group. However, what if you need to buy a gift
for an elderly relative or friend but want to buy them something a little bit different. At the
end of the day, just because they are a little bit older should not mean that they will
automatically be happy with a box of biscuits or a hot water bottle!

Therefore, in light of this, here is our top 10 of gadget gift ideas for the elderly:

Seated Pedal Exerciser

The older we get, the more our bodies seem to
give up on us, making it harder and harder to get
about. Exercise is important at any age, so
keeping muscles moving is something that the
elderly can do with the help of a seated pedal
exerciser. This allows for gentle exercise and,
with added resistance, can be as easy or as
difficult as the user wants.
Price: Under £25

Mobility Scooter

The older we get, the less mobile we become,
making it harder to get out and about. However,
mobility scooters enable the elderly to get around
without relying on others. This could be the ideal gift
for your elderly relative or friend as it may give them
some well-needed freedom and mental stimulation.
Price: New From £599, Used from £299

One Handed Bra Aid for the Ladies

Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to put a bra on at
any age but the older one becomes, the more
awkward it can get. This handy aid is suitable for
most bras and, as the name suggests, can be used
with just one hand.
Price: Under £25

Talking Alarm Clock

If sight is an issue, then having an alarm clock that
speaks is going to be so convenient. Not only are
there alarm clocks that will speak the time, some
can also tell you the temperature and humidity – all
with the simple touch of a button.
Price: Under £20

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

With many wine bottles still being corked, it can be
extremely difficult for an elderly person to uncork
their favourite tipple. If you are looking for a gift for a
person who enjoys wine but they struggle with a
standard corkscrew then an electric wine bottle
opener is just what they need. With prices starting
at around £20 they aren't going to break the bank
and who knows, you may even get an invitation to
enjoy a glass of wine or two.
See an unbiased review of an electric bottler
opener here

Price: From £20


If you really want to push the boat and and buy a
loved one something useful you should consider a
stairlift. Those who are less mobile can find as they
get older that the stairs become very difficult to use.
Stairlifts will allow them to have easy access to all
levels of their home with minimum effort. While they
are expensive it works out cheaper than having to
move house. Also, discounts may be available,
secondhand stairlifts are cheaper than new and you
can even rent a stairlift on a monthly basis.
This could be a life changing gift for an elderly
person and therefore really appreciated. Take a look
at this useful guide to buying a stairlift for more
Price: New From £1,395, Reconditioned
From £995

MP3 Player with Audio Books

An audio book is great for those who find it difficult to
read the pages in a paper book or e-book. With so
many fabulous stories out there, it is a shame for
one to miss out simply because eyesight is not what
it once was.
Price: Downloads and MP3 players are
both available from less than £10

Electronic Magnifiers

If your gift recipient enjoys holding a book in their
hand or likes to read books which aren't readily
available in audio format you should think about
giving them a digital magnifier.

We love these little gadgets. They can be hand-held
or clipped to a stand, they run off 2 small batteries
and they are small enough to be carried in a pocket.
Unlike a standard magnifying glass an electronic
magnifier can vary the magnification, they can
change the colour of the print and the background
colour and they can even 'freeze' the picture. Finally
and by no means least they also light up so can be
used for night-time reading – what's not to love.
Price: From £95

Wireless Pill Bottle

This innovative idea is great for anyone relying on
daily medication. This gadget will help the person
remember to take pills and will send a reminder if,
for any reason, the person forgets. If you are
constantly worrying about whether or not someone
you care for has taken their medication this could be
a Christmas gift for you both.
Price: From £50

Electric Foot Warmer

Okay, we know it's a bit corny (excuse the pun) but an
electronic foot warmer genuinely is a great gift to give
an elderly or infirm person. Let us explain why...

Someone who lives with a chronic health issue such as
diabetes or heart disease needs to manage their
condition carefully. Secondary infections such as the
common cold can make managing these conditions
much more difficult and even life threatening. A study
at the Common Cold Centre in Cardiff UK in 2005
found that a group whose feet were chilled for 20mins
had twice as many colds as the group whose feet
weren't chilled.

While were aren't saying a foot warmer is going to
prevent you from ever catching a cold again, clearly
there is something beneficial about having warm feet.

An electric foot warmer comes with multiple heat settings
to suit the user and it has a safe sensor system that
ensures it switches off after a certain set time.
Price: From £45

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