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How to Help Elderly People Live on Their Own

How to Help Elderly People Live on Their Own

When your parents become old and start to have trouble living on their own, it can be upsetting for them and for you. You may feel there is no option other than moving them to a residential facility but that is not the case. In many cases, with a few relatively small changes you can make them more comfortable and enable them to remain in their own homes. Here are some of the things that you can do to help them stay at home longer and live in greater comfort.

Help Them Out with Tasks

Whether you help them out yourself on a daily basis, or you pay for a professional carer to provide assistance, make sure your parents have access to someone who can assist them around the house. If you are friendly with the neighbours, ask them to keep an eye out for them.
This could involve help preparing meals, tidying the house and garden, assistance from a trusted friend, understanding the bills, guidance on using the internet and simply getting around the home and getting on with their lives without facing unnecessary difficulties.

Consider Live-In Care

If helping out around the place for a few hours each day is not enough, you may want to consider the option or arranging live-in care. There are private organisations that can help you with such arrangements, and often it can be a suitable way for your parents to stay in their homes without having to move out.

Buy Useful Devices for the Home

Often the most challenging problems for elderly people living alone involve the simple day-to-day tasks. There are many tools and devices you can fit in the home to make it easier, so help your parents by investing in these devices.

For example, a stairlift can be a fantastic aid that can provide them with independence to get up and down the stairs without assistance and enable them to stay in their home. A mobility scooter will allow an elderly person to get out and about, doing the shopping or meeting friends, all of which helps keep their minds active and healthy. There are many other smaller devices as well, such as specialist can openers, reaching aids, gripping aids, door openers, tap turners and more.

Other additions could include walk-in baths, bath safety handles, and bed backrests, all of which can make life a lot easier for your elderly parents.

Set Up a Panic Alarm

Set your parents up with a panic alarm that they can wear on them at all times. If they have a fall or are distressed for any reason, they can then call you or another pre-set number with the push of a button.

As for other security measures, you could check the house to make sure it is secured, invest in a house alarm, and provide your parents with advice such as making sure they do not keep money or valuable goods on display.

Arrange Meals-on-Wheels

Meals-on-Wheels may be a service provided by your council where free hot meals are delivered daily. This is very useful if there is no one to help your parents prepare meals and they are unable to do it themselves. Find out about this by starting your search here.

Help Your Parents Live at Home for Longer

Home is often the best place to be for elderly parents, and many elderly people prefer to stay in their homes if they can. These are some of the simple ways that you can help to make the home safer and more comfortable, so see what you can do and help your parents to stay living at home for longer.

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