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8 Ways to Keep an Ageing Brain Smart

8 Ways to Keep an Ageing Brain Smart

Despite all the research that has been done by some of the brightest people in the world, the human
brain is still very much a mystery to us. However, one thing we know for absolute certain is, your
brain can deteriorate if you don't look after it. Maintaining a healthy brain will not only assist you with
day-to-day activities, but it will also reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer's or other serious
memory problems.

So with this in mind, here are 8 great ways to exercise your brain & keep an ageing mind smart.

Play Games & Puzzles

Puzzles are more than just a few minutes of fun. Sitting down to tackle a jigsaw puzzle or opening
up a magazine or newspaper to do the day's crossword or sudoku puzzles can actually prevent
the onset of Alzheimer's – even if it is just for a couple of minutes every day. Strategy-based board
games are also great at developing your memory, decision-making abilities and creativity levels.

Exercise Regularly

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body and we should all do it. But you might be
surprised to find that exercise is also very beneficial to the brain as well. Aerobic exercise can help
stave off the effects of ageing to your brain, as it helps blood flow to your brain. It doesn't matter
what you do, as long as you aim to reach 30 minutes of exercise once a day.

Learn New Things

It is often said that you can learn something new every day – so why not take that challenge on? If
you live near a college or education centre do some research to see if there are any classes
available to take. Or if you want to learn new things in a more informal manner, simply go out into
the world and explore visitor centres, pick up books and scour the internet for knowledge.

Socialise with Friends

Getting together with your close friends is great fun, but it can also help your brain stay sharp.
Social relationships and stimulating conversation have been proven to heal ageing brains and
keep people feeling young. A weekly dinner date, a trip to the movies or a coffee & chat with your
friends are all great ways to maintain your friendships and keep your brain young.

Healthy Eating

Just like exercise, a healthy diet is great for your body, but the correct balance of nutrients also
helps your brain run at its optimum level. Apparently high volumes of fats and cholesterol increase
the risk of Alzheimer's, so try to keep away from them and instead opt for dark fruits, vegetables,
fish & nuts.

Write (with a pen)

Sometimes it's nice to put the keyboard away and pick up a pen or pencil for a change. Keeping up
good penmanship & handwriting skills helps to stimulate the areas of the brain that are responsible
for language, thought and memory. Every couple of days pick up a notepad and write about what's
been happening during that week or perhaps let your creativity flow and write short stories.

Read more

Reading invigorates the mind in a way that watching TV simply can't. Reading books, magazines,
articles, studies can actually lead to an 50% decrease in your chances of being diagnosed with
dementia. If you have the time each day, try to sit down with a good book and let your mind enjoy
the story for an hour or so.

Sleep Well

When you sleep your brain uses the time to relax and process everything that was seen, heard and
learned during the day. As you get older your brain actually looses the ability to form short term
memories during slumber. To combat this it is recommended to get at least seven or eight hours of
sleep a night. Everyone wakes up in a good mood and more alert after a great night's sleep.

Maintaining a healthy and young brain is something we should all be striving for. So if you look after
your mind by keeping it engaged & challenged on a daily basis you are well on your way to keeping
an ageing brain smart. And even if your body begins to falter, and you need the use of a stairlift or
mobility scooter, your mind can still remain as sharp as ever.

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