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Mobility Scooters – The Importance of Maintenance & Servicing

Mobility Scooters – The Importance of Maintenance & Servicing

If you own a mobility scooter, then you'll know exactly just how important it is to you.
You rely on the device everyday and it can be the difference between being stuck at home
or getting out in to the world & enjoying yourself. So with that in mind, you'll also know
just how important regular maintenance and servicing of your mobility scooter is, to
ensure it remains reliable and in good working condition.

So to help you out, we've put together some general maintenance tips
that will keep your ride running smoothly.


Keeping your mobility scooter clean is a more than just an
exercise in pride. No one wants to drive around in a dirty
vehicle, but keeping it clean will also help prevent any dirt or
road debris from becoming lodged in the mechanics of the
scooter and affecting the inner workings. If you've been on a
recent trip out and returned with a dirty scooter, make sure to
clean it as soon as possible – simple soap and a cloth will work
fine, if you don't have access to specialised cleaning products.
Make sure you leave it to dry in a safe place. One thing to
definitely remember is, if you've recently been to the coast or
live there, it is imperative that you remove any salt or sand
that has gathered in the scooter, as it can cause corrosion and
grit to find its way into the bearings

Weather protection

Experts in the mobility scooter industry often recommend not
to use the vehicle in the rain, but they do realise not every
one has that option, as people need to get out and about in all
weather conditions. Therefore, if you need to make a trip,
make sure you and your scooter are covered by a protective
cover, to help you remain as dry as possible.
If it's an old model, there is always a chance that the rain
water could have an affect on the battery supply & cause damages,
which no one wants!


One of the most important things to remember about your
mobility scooter is the battery life and charge. Most scooters
are equipped with batteries containing sealed lead acid or one
that is gel based.
Like all electronic devices they need to be charged to remain
in working order and efficient. You should aim to charge your
scooter for between eight and ten hours at a time, and the
battery's life expectancy can actually be extended if you
regularly charge straight after use.
During cold weather and times of less-usage, it is important to
remember to still charge the battery, as inactivity can lead to
a reduction of battery capacity – and please make sure you
have enough battery for your trip, before setting off!.


Your mobility scooter is what connects you to the outside
world, so you're obviously going to spend a lot of time riding
around on it. So with that in mind, ride comfort and seating is
very important, not only to get right but to maintain as well. A
comfortable seat can really make a difference and can
become personal to you. So if you ever get a tear in the seat,
or it starts to wear down on one side or the back of the chair
doesn't feel as stable, then have it repaired or explore the
market for a new seat.


Just like on a bicycle, motorbike and car, the steering on a
mobility scooter is something that needs to be looked after
and maintained. Your mobility scooter's steering is fairly
nimble and allows you to avoid any problems or potholes
ahead. If your scooter starts to pull to one side, if the
steering is more difficult to control or if the steering column
vibrates, you should have it looked at by a professional
straight away. But in order to avoid getting into this
situation, you should regularly check your steering
manoeuvrability before heading out.


The tyres for your mobility scooter generally fall into three
separate categories – filled, solid & pneumatic. Each set of
tyres offer a slightly different ride quality and are of course
susceptible to punctures. You should keep an eye on general
wear and tear as well as looking out for punctures. If you do
find a minor puncture you probably won't need an entire new
tyre, but if it is quite substantial, it is always best to have a
new tyre fitted.


To ensure your mobility scooter remains reliable, in quality
working order & safe to drive, a regular service every year is
required. You should have your scooter seen to by a qualified
engineer familiar with the industry. The engineer will test all
the key mechanical and safety components of the scooter
(including the brakes & lights) to make sure everything is in
safe working order, before letting you ride off into the sunset.

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