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Stairlifts UK | New stairlifts with a comprehensive warranty

Lady on outdoor stairlift
Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stair lifts are weatherproof and are designed for use in the garden and other outdoor locations.

Lady on curved stairlift in South Wales
Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are used where it is not possible to use a straight

Lady on outdoor stairlift
Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are used in most cases. They can even be used with a platform where there is a fan at the top of there stairs but the main run of stairs is straight. This is far cheaper than having to buy a curved.

We supply new stairlifts from the following manufacturers:

Stairlifts UK

The Bison / Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift

Acorn bought out Bison Bede a few years ago. The Bison 80 curved stairlift represents a major step forward in comfort and reliability. Incorporating many of the characteristics of Bison's best selling straight stairlifts the Bison 80 is a truly class leading product offering a wide range of options and accessories. Using the latest technology and Bison's modular rail concept, the Bison 80 has been developed to accommodate virtually all curved staircases.

Engineering excellence ensures the Bison 80 Stairlift provides a comfortable ride along a continuous slim and attractively finished rail on either the inner or outer curvature of your staircase.

The slim, stylish, yet robust design allows for plenty of access even on narrow stairs and has been designed to be a piece of modern furniture, to ensure it blends subtly into your home.

Designed with ease of use and comfort in mind, The Bison 80 is operated using a rocker switch located on the armrest. Additional radio frequency remotes can also be provided to allow the lift to be remotely called.

The unique self leveling transport system moves the carriage along the single low profile rail and automatically adjusts the speed and level of the seat on cornering, providing an exceptionally smooth ride. The system's electronic programming ensures excellent operational performance.

The Bison 80 is battery powered, allowing additional peace of mind in the event of a power cut.

The footrest of the Bison 80 is extremely close to the ground floor level and has no step, also it ends level with the top stair nose, giving easy access to the landing.

When not in use the Bison 80 stairlift with its slim profile design can be easily folded away and also has an unique inside parking capability, ensuring the stairway is not obstructed for use by other members of the household.

Minivator 2000 Curved Stairlift

If you are looking for a new curved stairlift, the Minivator 2000 Curved Stairlift is an excellent choice. Minivator is a UK-based company with global operations. They design and manufacture a complete line of mobility devices and lifting systems and are one of the first names in stairlifts in the United Kingdom.

The Minivator 2000 is a track-mounted stairlift utilising stanchions that are directly fixed to the stairwell. Its unique design allows the stairlift to be used on curved staircases – whether these feature abrupt turns or are designed as spiral staircases. Furthermore, the model is not side-specific. In other words, tracks can be mounted on either side of the staircase according to customer preference.

Dual top and bottom charging points are another feature of the Minivator 2000. Depending on installation, additional charging points may be required elsewhere on the track. During periods of non-use, the lift should be positioned at one of the charge points in order to ensure that the battery always remains at maximum capacity. This is important to maintaining operation even during a power failure.

When we install the Minivator 2000 for a customer, our technician calculates the optimum use of track to accommodate the staircase while still maximising the amount of available space for normal climbing and descending. Safety is always the number one priority.

Additional Features of the Minivator 2000

The Minivator 2000 was designed to require a minimal footprint. When the lift is not in use, it can be folded out of the way. The unit also includes a powered foot plate for easy folding for users who have difficulty bending. Activating the folding mechanism is a simple matter of flipping a switch or pulling the seat upward.

Other notable features include:

key switch safety protection
optional swivelling chair
remote control operation
compact design suitable for tight turns
left or right side operation
choice of seat styles and colours.

We love the Minivator 2000 because of its compact design and small footprint. This model is so well designed that it is capable of making some of the tightest turns in the industry. It is the ideal stairlift for spiral staircases or those that finish with a tight hallway turn at either the top or bottom.

Regardless of the configuration of your curved staircase, the Minivator 2000 is a good option. Feel free to contact us for more information on this splendid stairlift.

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