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Reconditioned Stairlifts

Understanding what a reconditioned stairlift is and why it's a great idea to consider one

We often see the term "Reconditioned Stairlift" in newspaper adverts or on stairlift websites but what exactly is a reconditioned stairlift and how does it relate to a used stairlift/second hand stairlift or a remanufactured stairlift? It is important to understand the differences because the term reconditioned is often used loosely in advertising and it is important for you to know and understand exactly what you are getting when you buy a "reconditioned" stairlift.

First we need to explain what the different terms mean.

Used / Second Hand Stairlifts

A used or second hand stairlift is a stairlift that has been owned previously by someone else. If you buy a stairlift privately the chances are nothing would have been done to it before it is sold so it is just changing ownership, this is why it is referred to as second hand. If you buy a used stairlift from a dealer it is possible some work has been done to the stairlift but it could be nothing has been done to it and it is just being sold on.

Reconditioned Stairlifts

The term reconditioned or refurbished can often be mistaken for remanufactured which we will explain in the next section. Normally a refurbished or reconditioned product is serviced and fully tested for correct functionality according to the manufacturer's specification. Any faulty or damaged parts are replaced and the equipment is cleaned and polished to look as good as new. Also consumable items such as batteries are replaced. In summary reconditioning a stairlift would involve testing, inspecting, repairing and cleaning the equipment which ultimately will improve it's reliability and smooth operation.

Remanufactured Stairlifts

Remanufactured means the equipment has been totally dismantled and has been broken down into it's component parts. Each part is measured and inspected for wear and any parts that do not meet the manufacturer's specification are replaced. In the automotive industry there is a British Standard which covers the remanufacturing of an engine. Remanufacturing gives the equipment a whole new life as it is returned to the same specification as a new unit. This process is far more time consuming and therefore a more expensive option than reconditioning but for some very expensive equipment such as car engines it can be worth while.

So where does this leave us as far as stairlifts are concerned?

Well remanufacturing a stairlift would be an overkill in the stairlift industry. Stairlifts do not generally experience the abuse of other second hand equipment because their speed is governed and they do not run on rough surfaces. Other than minor cosmetic damage it is difficult to abuse a stairlift. So in reality with remanufacturing out of the equation a reputable dealer will in effect be selling you a reconditioned stairlift. So when buying a "reconditioned stairlift" what exactly are you getting? Well we can not speak for other companies but it would be good to ask them to explain exactly what you are getting when you buy a used stairlift or "reconditioned" from them.

For your peace of mind, outlined below is a summary of what we do to ensure the stairlift we sell will be as reliable as possible:

- Check all fixtures, fittings, nuts and bolts for security - Clean top and bottom copper charging strips - Lubricate rack and check condition Lubricate seat post Check condition of rollers - Check condition of main batteries and change as a matter of course if the stairlift is over 12 months old - Run the stairlift up and down the rail under load and check for smooth operation - Check condition of the motor brushes Check motor current drawn whilst driving under load - Check charging current Replace any broken panels, covers or seat pads - Test all safety edges, safety switches and seatbelts - Check operation of the remotes and replace batteries if necessary - Clean and polish all panels and surfaces

Finally, as a measure for extra protection and because of the confidence we have in our reconditioned product we offer the same twelve month warranty with a reconditioned stairlift as you will get with a new one.

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